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How to Reach the West Again


Timothy Keller | Alan Hirsch | Julio Chiang

Christians are no longer the “home team” when it comes to reaching the west for Christ. Our culture has shifted to where, as Tim Keller writes, “there is not only no social benefit to being Christian, but an actual social cost.” He continues by calling church leaders to find new ways to reach people. This month we’ve partnered with City to City to bring you articles from around the world on the theme of Missiology.

Second Issue

The Church, A Union with Christ


J. Todd Billings | Marcus Johnson | Jared Wilson

Exploring ecclesiology doesn’t begin with church government, nor does it ponder church programs and music preferences. No, exploring ecclesiology takes on a much more sacred task, that is, the exploration of our union with the risen Christ.

First Issue

On the Trinity


Fred Sanders | Mike Reeves | Amy Gannett

Theology is the language of Christianity. It’s how we talk about God, life, and purpose. This magazine is devoted to thinking deeply about God. Our knowledge of him and his scriptures speaks directly into who we are and how we live.  

Articles in our First Issue

Fred Sanders

How the Trinity Changes Everything

Mike Reeves

Why the Trinity is so Delightful

James Earl Massey

The Holy Spirit in African-American Spirituals

Frederica Mathewes-Green 

"The Old Testament Trinity": Behind Theology Magazine's Cover, A Rublev Painting

R.C. Sproul

Intro to the Athanasian Creed

Brandon O’Brien

Made in God’s Image

Marcus Johnson

Father, Son and Holy Spirit: The Triune Shape of Christian Theology

Amy Gannett

The Word Became Flesh: How the Incarnation informs our theology of embodiment

Kevin Deyoung

The Doctrine of the Trinity: No Christianity Without It

Chris Rappazini

On Preaching the Trinity: A Call to Preach

Austin Hey

Teaching the Trinity to Youth